123racing Wager Rules

123RACING is a form of pari-mutuel wagering which requires the participant to select one runner from each race in a set of designated races that comprise the 123RACING WAGER (or “Contest”).

Points are awarded based on the outcome of the race or races included in the 123RACING Contest and on the distribution of payouts of the Win, Place and Show pari-mutuel pools, as described in paragraph 3 below.

123RACING WAGER tickets shall be sold in denominations determined by the host association, which entitles the participant to wager in a single Contest.

Points are awarded after each designated race based on the official order of finish and on the totalisator return for a $2 Win, $2 Place and $2 Show wager for any runner that finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd and has a tote payout associated with its finish. The scores are accumulated after each designated race in the 123RACING Contest.

Scoring Example:

Horse A – 1st

Win: $6.00 Place: $5.60 Show: $2.20

Total Score = Win + Place + Show = 13.80 points

Horse B – 2nd

Place: $15.60 Show: $4.80

Total Score = Place + Show = 20.40 points

Horse C – 3rd

Show: $2.10

Total Score = Show = 2.10 points


A 123RACING WAGER may not be retracted once it has been purchased.

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Method 1 – One winner for 1st.

Dividend group Share of net pool

1st = Scoring the Most Points 60%

2nd = Scoring the 2nd Most Points 30%

3rd = Scoring the 3rd Most Points 10%

Method 2 – If there are 2 winners tied for 1st, the 1st and 2nd dividend pools are combined and paid equally to the winners.

Dividend group Share of net pool

2 - 1st equal = Scoring the Most Points 90%

3rd = Scoring the 3rd Most Points 10%

Method 3 – If there are more than 2 winners for 1st, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dividend pools are combined and paid equally to the winners.

Dividend group Share of net pool

3 or more - 1st equal = Scoring the Most Points 100%


If a single race in a 123RACING Contest is cancelled or declared void then the results from the other designated races are decisive in determining the result of the betting. If a 123RACING Contest is reduced to fewer than 4 races, the Contest will be called off and all wagers for that Contest will be refunded.

If all designated Contest races have been cancelled or declared void then the betting will be called off and the wagers will be refunded.

Those runners constituting an entry or field, as defined within the rules and regulations of the Commission, shall race in any 123RACING race as a single wagering interest for purposes of the 123RACING pool calculations. A scratch after wagering has begun of any part of the entry or field selection in a race shall be of no effect with respect to the status of such entry and/or field as a viable wagering interest.

If a runner is subsequently withdrawn or scratched during the running of the 123RACING Contest, the Tote Favorite in that designated race of the 123RACING Contest will be substituted in place of a regular selection made for a horse that has been withdrawn.

Should circumstances occur which are not addressed by these Rules, questions arising thereby shall be resolved in accordance with general pari-mutuel practice. Decisions regarding distribution of the 123RACING pool made by the Stewards shall be final.

The Association reserves the right to modify these rules as necessary, subject to approval by the Commission.

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