How To Wager The 123racing Pick6

On track, online and on mobile

Just like a traditional Pick6...
Easy as 1-2-3...

Checkmark Select a horse in each race to submit a $2 wager.
Checkmark Note your wager 'nickname', and follow your progress on the wager leaderboard.
Checkmark The leaderboard will display the winning wager nicknames, and payoffs after the final legal.
1st place

Create multiple bets by picking more than one horse per race

2nd place

Search for friends on leaderboards and view picks of other bettors

3rd place

Comment in The Stables on progress and look for tips


Method 1 - 123Racing Contest Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the main 123bet Wagering page.
  2. View 123racing Pick6 pools and click 'Enter'.
  3. Pick one selection in each race to build one $2 wager ticket. Pick multiple selections in a race to create multiple wagers.

'Review Picks' and click 'Submit Bet'

Method 1

Method 2 - Traditional Betpad

  1. Navigate to the main 123bet Wagering page.
  2. On the Betpad select the racetrack drop-down menu.
  3. Select the racecard with '123' after the track name E.g 'Parx 123' or 'Woodbine 123'.

Select picks and 'Submit Bet'

Method 2

Your 123 Nickname

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